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T’agrada llegir i comentar les teves lectures? Has trobat el teu espai ideal.

En aquest blog hi trobaràs tot un món nou per descobrir. En aquest espai explicarem els llibres que ens han agradat i farem recomanacions per a la resta de lectors i lectores. Aquí també podrem compartir els Booktrailers que hem anat fent al llarg del curs. T’hi animes? 😁

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After watching the video, I felt extremely ungrateful for not valuing my route to school. Generally, the majority of people in the most developed countries, myself included, are constantly complaining about having to take a bus or wake up ten minutes before to arrive on time at school or work. So, in contrast to the route of these Indian students, that’s a privilege. Not only that but it also gives us an easy pathway to school, therefore to education.

It made me realise how thankful I should be for the life I currently have, as it’s mind-blowing what some students have to go through to have an education.

M. V.


The video in question is about the way students go to school. These are dangerous. The video has made me realize how lucky we really are compared to the other kids. 

Firstly, the kids spend days walking to go to school, whereas my classmates and I take at most 20 minutes. The paths and streets we take are much safer than walking on unstable ice. We do not fear that we are going to die on our way to school and for that we are very lucky.

To sum it up, most people have a privilege that they don’t realize they have, and that is going to school in a safe, relatively short path.

J. P.


At the beginning of last year, a huge storm named “Gloria” hit our country. It lasted for 10 days, and the damage was significant. At least 14 people died and 82 were injured during the storm.

Despite the danger of walking on the streets, we had to go to school. Normally, it only takes me from 10 to 15 minutes to get there, and I always have a good time. I get to see the green fields while I walk, which I love. But, with the cold temperatures, trees and branches falling everywhere, the constant rain and strong winds, it wasn’t really appealing to me to walk out from my safe, warm home. 

Before going out, I made sure that I had the right “equipment” for the day. I put on several sweaters and a raincoat over them. I didn’t even think about taking an umbrella, the wind would have broken it. 

Then I got to the street, where rivers of water mixed with mud and boughs were running down. I walked as fast as I could, trying not to fall, avoiding as many trees as I could.

Eventually, I arrived at my destination. I was soggy and almost freezing, but it was worth it. Getting to school had never been so complicated.

M. F. 


A year ago I went to London with my family. I’ve always loved the vibes it gives off, so when my parents told me we were going I couldn’t help but feel extremely excited.

Once we arrived, we went to visit Camden Town, Covent Garden, Buckingham Palace… People were always stopping us to ask for directions or places as my father has ginger hair, yet that didn’t stop us from following our schedule, it was really amusing seeing them get confused when my father said he didn’t know English very well.

The next few days we visited places such as The Shard and the London Eye., I still can’t believe how my mother got in and actually liked those sites despite her fear of heights. Eventually we went to Westminster Abbey, the Tower of London… Everything we saw surprised us, some places let our expectatives down, even though most of them raised them up. 

We had already finished our plan. Nevertheless, there were some spots we wanted to visit, one of them Leicester Square. When we arrived, we were stunned with what we saw, a premiere for the new movie “Downtown Abbey”! I hadn’t expected to have such an exciting journey.

M. V.


This week I saw a catchy feel-good film: The Family Deal. In a few words, it’s about a mother of two kids who has just ended her relationship with her husband. Feeling lonely, one night she goes crazy in a club with her friends and ends up sleeping with a young 27-year-old boy. From here on, things start to get complicated as a result of the love that starts to flourish between them.

This romcom, apparently a classic and simple film, is surprisingly hilarious and witty. Even so, it’s still easy to follow and entertaining. Perhaps, as a negative point, I could say the end was predictable, but some people will like that, considering that it is a nice and pleasant ending.

The cast is pretty good in general, especially the main actress. She’s expressive and charming. Some of the co-stars, like the husband or friends, are funny and professional as well. And of course, the setting, in L.A. city, it’s a top choice.

In conclusion, if you just want to spend a great and relaxing time watching a film, this one’s for you. Definitely!

M. A.


Storm and Silence is a saga which contains six fictional novels written by Robert Thier. It’s set in the 1840’s in London, although as the saga progresses you can see the scenery changing. The main character is a young 19-year-old woman who wants to be independent, free. She’s always confronting chauvinistic people. She believes women must have the same rights as men and should be able to have a decent job, earn their own money and not depend on their male company to assist them and maintain them. An unfortunate event with an expressionless man, Mr Ambrose, is going to give her a job that would bring her the freedom, strength and support she needs to try and change the inequality between genders, and, who knows, maybe she also finds love in the most unexpected way… It’s a very absorbing book, I couldn’t put it down!

I really liked the fact that it takes place in England on its time as an empire. You can clearly see how people lived then and how society put appearances above anything else – everyone cared about their social status. It made me feel like I was part of the story, it’s very entertaining. It makes you laugh and understand the development of society. It combines adventure, love, mystery, comedy… all of this whilst it’s beautifully written. What I didn’t completely like was the beginning of the first novel, it’s not until the chapters of the middle that it gets exciting.

What stood out to me the most was the development of Mr Ambrose, how he opens up little by little, he becomes kinder and more caring to Lilly, the protagonist.

I’d definitely recommend this series of novels. It transports you to a different time, place, atmosphere… You just can’t help but feel at bliss whenever you read it. It’s a masterpiece.



Hi Alex,

It’s great to hear from you. My name is XXX and I’m sixteen. I live in a small town near Barcelona. It’s a very calm town where you can do many things. I live with my parents and my cat. We live in an average size house, it’s got two bedrooms with bathrooms and two small patios.

My school is within a walking distance but I often go by car and later walk back. I used to like school, I still do but not as much, I have been a bit overwhelmed lately with all the assignments and tests. My favorite subject is technical drawings, it’s easy to understand and have fun learning how to do different elements. I don’t do any type of extracurricular activity other than English classes.

In my free time, I love watching Netflix in bed. I am currently watching Dr. House. It’s about a particular doctor who runs a diagnostic team and tries to figure out what is wrong with people. Sometimes I may go to the gym and workout while listening to music. 

Hope to hear more of you


J. P.


Hi Alex

I live in a small flat in Cardedeu, with my parents and my two sisters, Maria and Claudia. We also have 3 cats, they are the loveliest! You should see the view from our balcony, it’s awesome!

I walk 15 minutes to school from Mondays to Fridays with my friend Maria, who is in my class. I always have a great time with her. I actually couldn’t pick a favourite subject, to be honest. I love all of them, from Maths to P.E. I’m also in the school’s council, which is really cool! 

In the afternoon, I always visit my grandparents. I have a great relationship with them, so every time I have a moment I like to go to their home. We sometimes go to a local café and have a snack there.

In my spare time, I love to hang out with my friends. We often go for a walk, or meet at home, although lately we haven’t been able to spend much time together since there has been a lockdown. But even when we couldn’t go out, we had video calls every week!

One of my main hobbies is collecting plants, especially the rare tropical ones, they are just so stunning!. I also love sewing. I buy beautiful fabrics in Barcelona and, when I get home, I sew my own clothes. It’s so fun!

I hope you can visit us soon!



M. F.


In this photo we see an art expression created and exhibited in the street. It’s a large floor full of cropped portraits of various people. Women, men and kids with different expressions and facial features.

The artist wanted to give us a message with this wild project. All that faces are expressing a feeling and telling a story. The artwork is formed with pieces of anonymous human lives. So when you walk over the images the perception is impressive because you are in touch with the feelings of that person, human feelings that you could perfectly share and understand.

Definitely, the caption of the image really makes sense. We all share and experience similar emotions, wherever we live. So walking over the eyes, smiles and sad faces from people that you don’t know truly makes you feel in touch with your feelings.

M. A.

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